CRCST Certification Renewal + Lesson Plans + Membership Package

CRCST Renewal Package with membership includes certification renewal fee plus 6 lesson plans worth up to 12 continuing education credits if quizzes are successfully passed. Membership included with this package renews all member rights, privileges and discounts for an additional year.

Once this package is purchased, you will have immediate access to lesson plans and quizzes available at

Please note: no lesson plans will be mailed to you, and you must take all of the quizzes online.

Central Source and Communique are included with this renewal.
Non-member price: $120.00
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Statement of Understanding Regarding Certification:

By submitting a renewal fee and certification points, I attest that I have read and understand the re-certification section of the IAHCSMM Certification Handbook (available online at and agree to abide by the certification program's policies and procedures, and adhere to the Association's code of conduct. I agree to inform IAHCSMM, without delay, of any matter that affects my ability to continue to fulfill the certification requirements. I further certify that the information provided by and about me on this form (and any other subsequent documentation submitted in relation to my certification) is accurate and correct. I understand that the information I provide to IAHCSMM may be audited for verification. I agree to provide any information necessary to verify my renewal credits and authorize IAHCSMM to make any necessary inquiries in this regard. I understand that providing information on this or any document relating to my certification that is determined to be false or purposefully misleading, or violation of any portion of the Code of Conduct and/or other policies and procedures, may result in disciplinary action, including the possible revocation of certification, as outlined in the disciplinary policy. I agree that all claims made regarding my certification status must be in compliance with IAHCSMM policies, including the acceptable use policy, and that I may use the certification(s) granted to me only as authorized. I agree to refrain from making any statement regarding the certification that is inaccurate, misleading, or unauthorized.
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